Clampless Alignment

Clampless wheel alignment measurements in just 5 seconds

The Argos wheel alignment system requires no contact with the vehicle and without even getting out of the car. In only 5 seconds, Argos carefully and accurately measures the toe, camber and thrust angles of the vehicle.

To work the Argos clampless wheel alignment, simply stop the vehicle between the columns and a high-tech 3D scanner measurement system does the rest.


touchless wheel alignment

Simplicity at it's best

As with any new investment in equipment, it’s crucial to consider the benefits it would bring to your business both in terms of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

CEMB has eliminated any effort and time needed for measurements with an automatic pre-selection of vehicle specifications and database updates.

Argos ensures accurate reading in just 5 seconds, the fastest toe and camber measurement system in the world! By saving you time in the process, you can increase your output, turnover and create a greater level of customer satisfaction.

argos by cemb

How is the Argos system different from traditional wheel alignment?

  • No clamps

  • No targets

  • No manual operations adjustments for cars with different wheelbases

  • No levelled lift required

  • No need to perform run-out compensation

  • No brake pedal lock required to measure caster

argos by cemb

Easy Installation

When installing a new system, there is often a need for a lot of planning and reconfiguration of space to allow for large equipment. Argos reduces the footprint needed by eliminating the use of bulky cabinets. The sleek, upright pillar design means there are no obstructions around the lift or wheels and no moving parts, providing extra safety protection for operators and is maintenance-free.

The adaptable, self-calibrating design fits every type of wheel alignment lift and pit, making it an easy addition for garages to install. Additionally, the user-friendly Argos app and wireless keyboard mean you have the flexibility to control the clampless system remotely.

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The UK’s Very First Clampless Wheel Aligner Installation!

Supertracker were contacted by Kilnhurst Tyres in Rotherham after learning about the new Argos aligner being introduced to the UK market.

The Installation