Why Choose a Supertracker Wheel Aligner?


All of our computer aligners are impressively quick, with readings obtained in as little as 59 seconds!

Ease of Use

With full training and easy step by step instructions, wheel alignment has never been easier.


With periodic calibrations and full back up servicing, you can be sure your aligner is reading correctly.

Return on Investment

Use our profit calculator to see exactly how much profit you will make and when!

Touchless Wheel Alignment

Argos, the new generation clampless wheel alignment system

Requiring no contact with the vehicle and without even getting out of the car, in only 5 seconds Argos carefully measures toe, camber and thrust angles.

Simply stop the vehicle between the Argos columns, and a high-tech 3D scanner measurement system does the rest.

Learn more about the Argos system
wheel equipment servicing and support

Need Support? We've Got You Covered!

At Supertracker our dedicated service team are here to support our customers in the field. 

Our staff are equipped with expert knowledge, training and service vans, ready to help you with any situation, problem or questions you may have with your Supertracker Wheel Aligner.

Maintenance & Support
four wheel alignment at Peugeot, Hampshire

A flourishing new venture for John Harrison Peugeot

Supertracker's media consultant recently visited the company's headquarters to chat with Garry Leach, Aftersales Manager who explained that John Harrison are a main Peugeot dealership who recently decided to expand their versatile services portfolio into four wheel alignment and installed the STR 420RW in their workshop.

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