What You Need to Know About Computer Aligners

Wheel alignment is crucial in enhancing the effectiveness of tyres and steering. Implementing the wheel alignment process in your garage will mean that you’ll be able to help your customers maximise their expected tyre life, improve fuel efficiency and increase vehicle safety - all by making some calculated adjustments to the wheel angles.

Supertracker computer aligners take any guesswork out of the wheel alignment procedure and provide you with precise measurements to work with. This represents a new era of functionality and wheel alignment simplicity whilst reducing the manual process.

Benefits of our computer aligners include:
  • Extensive vehicle database
  • Customer database with full history recall
  • A full printout showing before and after readings
  • Adjustment help screens
  • Wheel hangers & measuring heads calibrated as a unit

A computerised wheel aligner will allow you to carry out quick checks on vehicles practically anywhere including vehicle lifts, on the workshop floor or enable you to make use of any available outside space, providing the vehicle is on a level surface. This means that only vehicles that have already been identified as needing adjustment will take up valuable ramp space and time which will enable your garage to prioritise workflow.

Being able to show a customer what is wrong with their wheel alignment on a screen in front of them is a powerful tool, allowing you to explain issues caused by misalignment and how the alignment process will benefit them.

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