Straightforward wheel alignment machines for training centres

When it comes selecting the best wheel alignment system for a training centre, school or college, its essential to consider factors which meet the needs of both the instructors and students. Students enrolling on courses to learn Wheel Alignment Services, will want to cement their theoretical knowledge on a system which follows a logical order, simply, easily and offers repeatability. For the instructor reliability is also important, having a system which can be relied upon time after time, when you have a class full of students ready to learn. As well as long-term support and maintenance options to keep the machine operating to its optimum.


Types of wheel alignment systems

There can be a real advantage to the student to learn the fundamentals of wheel alignment geometry on the earlier measurement technologies, such as lasers. This early adoptive technology requires the operator to immerse themselves in the wheel alignment geometry and processes, following manual checks and calculations, before adjustments are made. This rudimental approach, if taught correctly, can solidify wheel alignment knowledge to proficient technicians.


That’s why laser aligners such as the Supertracker STR1, is a popular choice for training schools. A robust, simple to use system which requires manual processes to be followed in a specific order to accurately carry out wheel alignment checks. Importantly teaching students to identify thrust angle deficit which can be achieved by referencing the rears before starting work at the front of the vehicle. The Supertracker laser wheel aligners are supplied as standard with wheel alignment charts, for vehicle specifications for reference, as well as dished turn plates and steering wheel locks.


Computerised wheel alignment systems have seen a huge increase in popularity in the UK; across fast fit centres, independent garages and MOT stations. As a result, many training schools are upgrading to this technology as its likely these will be the systems students will go on to be operating when in employment. Computerised wheel alignment systems require measuring heads to be accurately attached to each of the wheels, so the measurements can be calculated via Bluetooth. The system will then walk the student through the steps to take onscreen as well as provide printouts of before and after adjustments.


The Supertracker CCD wheel alignment systems are renowned for their reliability and simple operating system. Installed with a very easy to follow visual guidance to the steps required and exhaustive vehicle database. Group Training Association (GTA) chose the Supertracker STR130, a 6 sensor CCD wheel alignment system and have been extremely happy over the years at it continues to meet the needs of both students and the instructors:

“The Supertracker machine was our first choice for Apprentice Training, it is menu driven which eliminates most, if not all, of the operator errors associated with apprentice learning a new system.
The Supertracker has a really easy to read screen showing green bands and pointers to help all users know exactly where adjustment is required to correctly align the vehicle.
Feedback from our learners has always been positive and includes comments about how much easier it is than the one they have at work.
For a training organisation where pass results are important, this area of the End Point Assessment is no longer a concern.” 


Supertracker assemble their wheel alignment systems in the UK, with a large warehouse of spares, offering quick lead times and 12 months warranty. With a national aftercare service, offering scheduled calibrations, and database upgrades, as well as onsite training from our team of highly knowledgeable engineers. Supertracker is a straightforward solution for training schools and colleges, contact Supertracker on 01909 480055 or