Argos Drivethru by CEMB

Argos Drivethru is the inspection system that, positioned in the acceptance area of the workshop, detects in a few seconds all the incoming vehicles that show anomalies and need adjustments. 

Without any contact with the vehicle, Argos Drivethru performs a complete wheel alignment check, including partial toe and steering angle.

Hi-tech reception lane

  • Identification of full alignment, including partial toe and steering wheel angle
  • Autonomous control of the alignment that can be performed directly by the customer by following simple steps shown on the screen
  • Non-contact measurement; no more clamps, targets or sensors for effective time savings and no risk of damaging the rims
  • Diagnosis of vehicle anomalies and indication of possible related symptoms (fuel consumption, tyre wear, driving and steering anomalies)
  • Automatic selection of vehicle specifications via license plate recognition (optional) or fast specs search
  • Real-time specs: vehicle specifications database updated in real time
  • Remote control app for tablets and smartphones
  • 4 different customisable graphic layouts
  • Send real-time results to your customers directly via smartphone and tablet or provide printed report
  • 50 inch monitor with wall mount
  • 27 inch monitor with support column
  • Wifi printer
  • New vehicle licence plate recognition: the camera, integrated in the Argos Drivethru columns, recognises the vehicle's licence plate from the first moment it enters the workshop and automatically calls up its specifications
  • Known vehicle licence plate recognition: the integrated camera recognises the vehicle's licence plate by automatically recalling the previously selected specifications. The vehicle specifications must be selected manually on first access

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