M.A.R.S - A Developing Tyre Alignment Service

At Supertracker, we are constantly looking to enhance the use of our ever-expanding range of wheel aligners.

Apart from attracting the interest of tyre dealerships, Supertracker are installing a growing number of aligners into garages and the automotive repair market.

An example of this development in our sales potential can be found in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire. Matt's Auto Repair Services (MARS) has been providing a comprehensive series of garage and vehicle repair related services since November 2013.

MARS Master Technician and Director Matt Attelsey commented,

“Having established the company as a professional workshop facility for Bishops Stortford and the surrounding communities, we recently looked towards further expanding our services in tyres and had a Supertracker STR 120B Computer Wheel Alignment System installed almost five months ago.

When it came to deciding exactly what brand of wheel aligner to invest in, it was something of a no-brainer for me, as I had worked with Supertracker alignment equipment when previously employed by the main dealer garage and I had always been impressed with its function and adaptability. Therefore, I had no hesitation in calling in Supertracker Sales Engineer, Wayne Rogers, for advice on which aligner would be best suited to my needs as an independent business."

On Wayne's recommendation, Matt chose the STR120B and confirms that he has been delighted with the equipment which he considers to be excellent value for money. The wheel aligner is already beginning to prove popular with customers who appreciate being able to receive a print-out of the alignment check carried out on their vehicle.

He adds: 

“Our staff find the wheel aligner easy to use and we have even managed to set up an alignment service to other local garages who do not have this facility. I am confident that MARS can, in time, establish itself as a tyre dealer as I believe there is a great need for providing our customers with a tyre service when you consider the number of potholes on our roads today.”

Having worked in the industry for over 16 years. Matt is now building up a thriving business of his own with the backing and constant support of Supertracker.