Wheel Alignment a Flourishing New Venture for John Harrison Peugeot

Traditionally when a motorist needs to purchase a new tyre, his or her obvious port of call would be a reputable tyre retailer but in the past few years leading marque car dealerships have emerged as an additional sales option.

One such progressive and ambitious dealership is John Harrison (Lowdham) Limited who are based just outside Nottingham and who recently became a new Supertracker customer when they purchased the all-new STR 420 RW four wheel computerised aligner.

Supertracker's media consultant recently visited the company's headquarters to chat with Garry Leach, Aftersales Manager who explained that John Harrison are a main Peugeot dealership who recently decided to expand their versatile services portfolio into four wheel alignment and installed the STR 420 RW in their workshop.

Garry told us,

“For some time now we have been looking for an additional revenue source in terms of a new service for customers and initially surveyed the alignment equipment market for a suitable piece of equipment. Supertracker presented the most competitively priced package and although other companies claimed several additional benefits, we felt that the Supertracker model offered everything we required from a state-of-the-art wheel aligner."

“This purchase was a natural progressive investment for John Harrison and already we firmly believe that Supertracker is proving to be a perfect equipment partner for us.”

Prior to installing their own aligner, when vehicles came in for suspension or crash repair work, the company would have to outsource four wheel alignment inspections. Now they are able to carry out the procedure themselves instantly which saves valuable 'downtime' and provides a welcome additional profit margin.

With Supertracker having carried out an initial training session for the workshop staff following installation, if any technicians discovers tyres that are wearing unevenly on a customers vehicle then an alignment check is recommended with Garry adding, “We are extremely pleased how professional Supertracker have been not just for the installation of the equipment but also the high standard of training which has eventually converted several sceptical staff members and we are steadily building up a growing trade in wheel alignment sales.”

John Harrison (Lowdham) will have been trading for 70 years in 2016 and for the past forty years as Peugeot main dealers, in fact they are reputed to hold the distinction of being the very first established Peugeot dealership in the UK. Now with the added service of quality wheel alignment checks, the company look set to take their booming business to an even greater level of success.

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