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At Supertracker, we have our own service engineers who support our customers in the field. Our service engineers have fully stocked vans and are located all over the country which means help is never far away. We do not subcontract our servicing to any other company in mainland UK.

We are the only place you can buy official Supertracker parts and accessories.

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Correct wheel alignment can lengthen tyre life, improve vehicle stability and increase fuel efficiency. Therefore, tyre health should be an essential part of car maintenance. A professional, accurate and informative reading is essential to deliver the results required. This involves quality training to ensure that you are fully skilled in all aspects of wheel alignment.

Best Practices for Correct Wheel Alignment
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M.A.R.S - A Developing Alignment Service

MARS Master Technician and Director – Matt Attelsey says, “Having established the company as a professional workshop facility for Bishops Stortford and the surrounding communities, we recently looked towards further expanding our services in tyres and had a Supertracker STR 120B Computer Alignment System installed almost five months ago."

Matt then went on to say, “When it came to deciding exactly what brand of wheel aligner to invest in, it was something of a 'No Brainer' for me."

Tyre Alignment Service

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