An Essential Part of The Working Day for Farmer Autocare

For the very first time Supertracker features a customer profile from Scotland and where better to start than in Edinburgh, with a visit to Farmer Autocare in Queensferry Road in the heart of the capital.

It is well known in the industry that Farmer Autocare is owned and managed by Sir Tom Farmer who launched the business in 2002 following selling his legendary Kwik-Fit empire to Ford Motor Company. Over the past fourteen years Farmer Autocare has progressively evolved into one of the leading and most successful retail autocare specialists in Scotland. 

When a member of Supertracker’s editorial team recently met up with Farmer Autocare Area Manager Jason Horne, he explained that Supertracker wheel alignment equipment has always been part of the company's workshop equipment line-up - this particular centre has two. One is a much older model plus a more recent wheel alignment machine which was purchased around eighteen months ago – the Supertracker STR200 aligner.

Jason says, “At the time we needed a newer model and something more modern that could deal with our growing number of customers with larger wheels up to 32 inches such as the latest Range Rovers. We did do a comparison with at least one other well known brand of aligner but as all Farmer Autocare outlets have at least one piece of Supertracker equipment it really was a question of….. no contest.”

The workshop use the wheel alignment equipment on a daily basis and carry out at least ten to twelve wheel alignment checks a day and Jason adds, “Quite simply, our Supertracker wheel alignment machine is invaluable for the everyday function of the depot as we are constantly busy and need equipment that is easy for our tyre technicians to operate and delivers precision alignment statistics every time. That is exactly what our Supertracker aligner does and which is why we would not be without it.”

Farmer Autocare has branches strategically located around Scotland and all depend significantly on their Supertracker wheel alignment equipment to provide a professional alignment service which underlines the growing presence of our products North of the Border.