Join Find an Alignment Centre, let customers find you!

Join Find an Alignment Centre, let customers find you!

Claim your free 6 month listing!

Supertracker are connecting thousands of people searching for wheel alignment across the UK with the best garages for their Supertracker wheel alignment needs.

By joining “Find an Alignment Centre” as a Supertracker certified garage, your business name, address, phone number and website will be listed on our website, connecting you with customers searching for their local wheel alignment centre.

If you join as a member, we’ll give your business a boost:

  • Company profile - Comprehensive company details including your opening hours and website, which helps improve your Google search ranking
  • Exclusive membership - Membership numbers limited for each area
  • No commissions - We won't charge you for successful leads, just a yearly subscription (after your initial FREE 6 MONTHS)
  • No customer charge – Potential customers can contact you for free

If after your initial FREE 6 MONTH subscription you would like to continue with your listing, we’ll only charge £25.00 for a whole year, and you are able to cancel at any time.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for your free 6 month listing by sending your details to
  2. Be added to Supertracker “Find An Alignment Centre” site
  3. Customers looking for their local alignment centre search using postcode or city
  4. If you’re within a 10 mile radius, your company details are displayed on a map along with your phone number and website.
  5. Customer contacts you free of charge – no fees or restrictions from us

To register your interest or for more information, contact our team on or call 01489 773888.

Centres featured on the site will be subject to 6 monthly calibrations. Your subscription will begin on the date your details are added to the website. Once the initial free 6 month offer ends, you will be invoiced for £25.00 (per site) for a yearly subscription beginning on the last day of your free 6 months. If payment is not received prior to this date, your details will be removed.