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All of our equipment is impressively quick and user friendly, saving you precious time!

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With full training and easy step by step instructions, tyre care has never been easier.


With full back up servicing and maintenance, you can be sure your equipment is reading correctly.

Return on Investment

Use our profit calculator to see exactly how much profit you will make and when!

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Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Wheel Needs!

Supertracker are excited to announce that we have expanded our product line to include CEMB wheel balancers and tyre changers! 

With the CEMB product range, you can equip your team with the latest technology and tools to provide unbeatable service to your customers.

View our new range of CEMB wheel balancers and tyre changers!
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Mobile Commercial Tyre Alignment - A2 Tyre Supplies

A2 Tyre Supplies, who for the past decade has offered a thriving wheel alignment service to car drivers, have recently decided to expand the service to the commercial vehicle sector.

“The equipment was installed around three months ago and it was an ‘obvious choice’ to go back to Supertracker as we have always received excellent products and service during the past decade as a customer..."

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STR130RW 6 Sensor Computer Aligner

Quick and easy to use, accurate and extremely durable this product has the capability of turning any workshop into a wheel alignment centre!

STR130RW available now

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